Wedding Celebrations

The hotel is an expert in weddings and has provided high-quality services for half a century.

Baiyunxuan Wedding Package

Baiyunxuan Restaurant is managed by a famous chef, who recreates the flavors of the Lingnan region. Serving traditional Cantonese cuisine, it is the most popular Cantonese-style restaurant around.

• The main hall has an ideal location and retro style. It can fit up to 22 round tables.
• Elaborate food at affordable prices make the restaurant a fantastic cost-effective venue.
• Price: Starting at RMB 4,588 per table
• Reservations: 020 - 83333998 - Event Division

Baiyunyan Wedding Package

This popular Chinese restaurant boasts a modern, 400-seat multi-purpose hall designed for large events.

• Covering an area of 400m2, the restaurant can fit up to 32 round tables (stage included) and has no columns.
• To facilitate the multi-purpose design of the room, rail system partitions can be used to divide the hall into three zones with 12 tables each.
• Price: Starting at RMB 4,588 per table
• Reservations: 020 - 83333998 - Event Division

Xiangyun Western Restaurant Wedding Package

Located on the 30th floor, Xiangyun Western Restaurant features modern metallic decor. It is run by a famous chef, who provides a delicious buffet filled with variety that is perfect for events, parties, and other gatherings.

• It is an ideal place to enjoy the city at night, with a 180° view. It also fits up to 150-seats for trendy wedding parties.
• Price: RMB 39,800 (100 people), RMB 58,000 (150 people)
• Reservations: 020-83333998-3206

Baiyun International Conference Hall

The newly renovated Baiyun International Conference Hall has an air of elegance and magnificence and is equipped with all of the modern technical devices we have come to expect in international business settings. The 54m2 modular LED screen and state-of-the-art sound system are perfect for high-end events. The stunning wedding layout, all-inclusive wedding services, and professional service team are available and ready to ensure the success of your event.

• Reservations: 020-83333998-3206

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