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Guangdong Xinbaiyun Hotel Co., Ltd. is under Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. Opened on June 1, 1976, it is one of the most renowned five-star business hotels in central Guangzhou city. In order to provide people-oriented and customer-centered services with concentrated attention and an eye for every little detail, the hotel greatly values its human resources, as well as staff training and development. As such, it provides an excellent training and compensation system.

Job Vacancies: Room division


Vacancies: Doorman / bellman

Job description: Responsible for the entrance and carrying people’s luggage.

Vacancies: Room attendant

Job description: Job description: Clean and tidy rooms in compliance with standard operating procedures.

Job Vacancies: Dining division


Vacancies: Pastry chief

Job description: Responsible for making pastries and desserts, and engaging in new product R&D.

Vacancies: Italian chef/steamer cook/staff cook

Job description: Job description: Responsible for relevant food prep.

Vacancies: Restaurant hostess

Job description: Responsible for welcoming customers and providing attentive services.

Vacancies: Attendant

Job description: Provide customers with attentive services.

Vacancies: Dishwasher/prep cook

Job description: Responsible for washing dishes and cleaning ingredients.

Job Vacancies: Power engineering division


Vacancies: Engineering and technical staff (HVAC technicians)

Job requirements: Must have HVAC certification.

Job Vacancies: Administration and HR division


Vacancies: Dorm supervisor

Job description: Responsible for the cleaning and inspection of staff dormitory.

Compensation and benefits

We provide competitive compensation and benefits, including the five social insurance and one housing fund, as well as room and board.

Address: No. 367, Huanshi East Road, Guangzhou, China
Tel: 020-83333998 - extension 3618 (HR division)
Contact: Miss Dong
Transportation: Exit B of Taojin Station (subway)
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