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Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel is a large five-star hotel located on Huanshi East Road in the Central Business District of Guangzhou.It features modern room designs, diverse catering services, and comprehensive facilities for meetings and events to provide guests with the perfect experience.

Reservations:+86 20 8333 3998       No. 367, Huanshi East Road, Guangzhou, China

Baiyunxuan Chinese Restaurant

Baiyunxuan Restaurant is managed by a famous chef, who recreates the flavor of the Lingnan region. It serves authentic Cantonese cuisine for all occasions, including dim sum, dinners, and banquets. Chinese-style tea service is available all day, so you can leisurely enjoy fragrant tea in a popular Cantonese fashion.

Baiyunyan Chinese Restaurant

Chinese-style tea service is available all day for your leisurely enjoyment. This popular Guangzhou restaurant boasts a modern 400-seat multi-purpose hall designed for large banquets, international conferences, and specialized exhibitions. It also includes eleven designer rooms for business dinners or family gatherings.

Xiangyun Western Restaurant

Located on the 30th floor, Xiangyun Western Restaurant features modern metallic decor. Managed by a famous chef, the buffet’s rich variety is delicious and perfect for events, parties, and other gatherings.

Italian Restaurant

Elegant, understated wooden furniture and faint yellow lights are used to create a romantic and quiet atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine as you gaze on the beautiful scene of a bustling city.

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