Guangzhou Conference/Meeting Room Rentals

The Hotel has a conference center and meeting rooms of various sizes with all kinds of modern conference equipments and high-speed broadband network ports. These equipments and network ports can be laid in different ways according to the users’ needs so that they can fully meet the requirements of such business activities as business meetings, product exhibitions, press conferences and personnel training.
The Hotel is very much experienced in providing services for all kinds of conference receptions. It has offered satisfactory services for such international conferences as the 2010 Asian Games, the 2008 Olympic Scientific Congress, the 2006 World Wrestling Championship and the 16th World Model Contest, and for such domestic conferences as the 4th and the 5th sessions of Guangdong People’s Congress and Guangdong International Tourist Culture Festival. We boast a team which offers professional conference services, and by following the tenet of “planning by designated people, reception by designated people and service by designated people”, we make our greatest endeavors to provide the overall planning and services for all types of conferences.

【Baiyun International Conference Hall】

【Conference Equipments and Services】
* Simultaneous Interpreting

* Projectors
* Electronic Whiteboard
* Microphone
* High Lumen Multi-media Projectors
* Clip Boards
* Laptop Computers
* Laser Pen Pointers
* Wireless or Cable Internet Access Function
* Background Plate Design

【Specifications for Conference Rooms and Capacity】

【Pictures and Plane Graph of Meeting Rooms】

Names of Conference Rooms Classroom Style
Theater Style
Square Style
Round Table Style
Fish Bone Style
Extra Building Convention Hall 230 350 120 90 110 25 16 400
Caiyun Conference Hall 150 240 80 50 70 16 8 280
Hongyun Conference Hall 70 120 60 40 50 16 8 130
Ziyun  Conference Hall 30 50 30 25 30 8 8 64
Qingyun  Conference Hall 30 50 30 25 30 8 8 64
Biyun  Conference Hall 20 40 20 20 20 8 7 56
Jinyun  Conference Hall Fixed Rectangular Desks for 18 People